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Hello Bay Area!

StaffPlus Bay Area will be coming to the west coast for the first time ever this Fall 2023!

About StaffPlus
The role of the Staff, Principal, and Distinguished engineer is a tough one - and requires as many leadership skills as the management track - and so why don't we provide leadership support to these roles?
We'll be tackling what it means to be a senior individual contributor in today's engineering landscape; thinking about navigating your role as a leader; how to frame your strategic thinking; how to bring your organization up a level technically, how to roadmap, and more!

Being a StaffPlus speaker
Working with speakers is one of our favorite things about running StaffPlus. We love to give you the opportunity to share your stories and knowledge with our audience. As a speaker for the event, we'd also offer you:

  • A free ticket to the conference
  • A complimentary ticket to a LeadDev conference in 2024
  • 3 nights accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Economy travel expenses
  • Coverage of miscellaneous expenses
  • Professional speaker coaching if requested
  • Dedicated support from our team at all stages of your participation in the conference

We’d love to hear about:

  • Leadership skills for senior ICs
  • Technical road mapping, planning, and long-term strategy
  • Influencing, mentoring and coaching
  • Tech, scaling, architecture, improving system performance and reliability

What should a speaking proposal look like?
Each event date and location has its own submission form for calls for proposals so we can make sure talks are timely, relevant and speak to each event audience effectively. We use Submittable forms to track and manage this process. You will be prompted to create an account before seeing each event proposal submission template which roughly includes your:

  • Talk title
  • 300 word description
  • How is this talk relevant to the audience?
  • Why do you want to speak at LeadDev?
  • Keywords
  • Suitable formats (quick 10 minute talk, full 30 minute talk)
  • Contact details

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.