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Good morning New York!

We’re super excited to announce that LeadDev is returning to New York on 19-20 March 2024. We're moving to a new venue, bringing even more folks together, and taking control in a time that feels more uncertain than ever!

About LeadDev

LeadDev is an event aimed specifically at the challenges faced by engineering leaders. If you're a Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, Staff Engineer, or a touch more senior than that - then this is the place for you. And every event focuses on two things: how to give you the skills to be the most effective in your job; and how you can supercharge the effectiveness of your team.

And now, more than ever, it feels important to be talking about that! The tech industry is going through some really big shifts - and many of us have never worked in an environment like this before. So how can we support each other through this change? And what's story do you have that could help other engineering leaders?

What topics are we interested in?

All of our LeadDev events are focused around three big themes: team, tech, and tools. We’ve detailed a bit about them below and remember, you can submit more than one idea!

  • Team - Our team talks cover anything related to leadership, personal development, and anything that happens within the unit of your teams. Think about: the skills that you need to be an effective leader; skills for growing people; creating inclusive and diverse environments; hiring and retention; adapting to new roles.
  • Tech - Our tech talks cover anything you need to run an effective technical team in 2024. We love hearing case studies for our tech talks - real stories about what went right and what went wrong (which is always more interesting!). Think about: new languages, frameworks, technologies, scaling, architecture. 
  • Tools - Our rools talks cover anything related to the way your teams get work done. Think about: agile and other delivery methods; frameworks for meetings like code reviews and 1:1s; on call; observability; continuous integration; velocity and debugging productivity; maintaining a high performing team.

Themes for LeadDev 2024

We are super interested in any idea that you have the falls into the above categories - but for LeadDev New York 2024, we've also set four themes in which we're particularly interested. We've detailed them below, and you can read all about them at this link:

  • Navigating the non-boom market
  • Developing your reports and performance management 
  • Maintaining reliability 
  • Tackling build vs buy

The speaker experience

Working with speakers is one of our favourite things about running LeadDev. We love to giving you the opportunity to share your stories and knowledge with our audience - and we put a tonne of work in to help your content shine. Throughout the process, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our editor on your talk descriptions, our professional coach who’ll help you hone your presentation delivery, and our content team who’ll review your talk and help you sharpen it for our audience.

As a speaker for the event, we'd also offer you:

  • A free ticket to the conference
  • A complimentary ticket to a LeadDev conference in 2024
  • 2 nights accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Economy travel expenses
  • Professional speaker coaching if requested
  • Dedicated support from our team at all stages of your participation in the conference

Good luck

We hope that's given you all the information you need to submit a great proposal. We can't wait to read them!  

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.